Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Leave Some Doubt

When I saw that React had done a second press of Mindsets awesome Leave No Doubt record I jumped at the chance to own another copy on a different colour. I promptly got myself over to the React store and ordered a Yellow copy of the record.

Mindset - Leave No Doubt

I'd ordered the Yellow copy which was out of 750 copies the order drop down was telling me, because the White and Blue mix copy of of 250 sounded a little too close to the copy of the 1st press my good friend Mario had managed to get me. I was pretty bummed when it was that exact White and Blue mix copy that turned up. And yeah as you can see, it's essentially just White.

It actually get's a bit more confusing too because the front page of the React site actually says it's the Yellow which is out of 250 and this colour which is out of 750. Which ones right? was this out of 250 in which case where React just trying to hook me up with the more limited colour? Or was Yellow the more limited and I was simply too late so they sent the more common colour?? Strange

Squint hard and you can see some faint bits of colour in there! Ah well, at least I can get rid of my Black copy now.


  1. Weird. There's so little blue in there it almost looks like the white from the first press.

  2. I ordered this. Got some email telling me that the colors got pressed with the quantities the wrong way round. So when yuo ordered it, the yellow was supposed to be the most limited. But then somehow the plant pressed the colors in the wrong quantities. So I think that what happened was that because you ordered the most limited color (yellow), the label sent you the most limited color... even though it was a different color than you were expecting. I guess they just assumed that you wanted the rarest one, rather than that you wanted yellow because it was yellow.

  3. As always a wealth of knowledge.thanks for clearing that up Marcus