Thursday, 3 April 2014

Clean Break

Straight and Alert Records and Salad Days Records recently got together to re-release Clean Breaks 2013 demo and also put out a new release by the band. Sweet!

Clean Break - 2013 Demo

So the demo first. One sided 7". This is the blue cover / red wax version out of 50. All versions are out of 50 and the others are as follows BLUE COVER – Green Wax, GREEN COVER – Red Wax, RED COVER – Green Wax. 

Clean Break - Face Value

The bands latest release Face Value is quality stuff and as much as I like the demo this is a leap forward as you'd expect. Great youth crew stuff. 

This is the Double Mint version out of 155. There were pre-order copies on black of 105 also, as well as 260 on Halloween Orange.

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  1. Nice! I love this band. Still need to get my order in for the vinyl!