Saturday, 8 March 2014

Vulgar Display Of Speedowax

I got this courtesy of our friends over at Speedowax Records a while back and it's another release not to ignore.

Vulgar Display - Under Darkness & Prayer

I'd not heard of Vulgar Display before this being chucked my way but like I say if it's a Speedowax release it's nearly always something that I can get behind and this is no exception. Plus the name of the band is obviously a Pantera reference and I'm okay with that. Brutal riff heavy Hardcore/Metal-core is the order of the day and it's good stuff. 

Interesting color vinyl too. I like how the front and back look really different. This is the solid brown w/white inside out swirl” Macchiato “color vinyl of 106.


  1. Awesome record,speedowax can do no wrong right now,every release is killin' it

  2. Agreed! They are about to drop another couple of really good sounding releases too.