Friday, 21 March 2014

Scratch The Surface

If I can get my ass into gear and find time this could start a little run of records I've got recently that I've owned different versions or formats of before.

Sick Of It All - Scratch The Surface

I have such fond memory's of this record and time of listening to music back when this came out in '94, not necessarily because the record is amazing (don't get me wrong it's a damn fine album), but because it was one of the first records I can remember, at least amongst my circle of friends that seemed to unite punk fans, hardcore fans and metal fans. A lot of dudes I knew seemed to get into hardcore off the back of this record.

So yeah having never owned this on wax before I jumped at the chance to grab this when Music On Vinyl repressed it recently. I've had a few things from them now and they tend to do a great job. This is no exception. The glossy cover and orange vinyl look really good. 1500 pressed.

Love the 'Hidden Track' being advertised on the front cover sticker.

Whilst were on the Scratch The Surface vibe this foul looking slab of cheap 90's red vinyl is the single.

It's a one sided 7" that also has a cover of Sham 69's awesome Borstal Breakout. 

If you haven't seen this before the B-side is etched and really difficult to take a picture of. However, if you can see it below you'll see it has 'Scratch The Surface Sick Of It All' errrm Scratched into it.

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  1. got that one too. sounds and looks great on orange vinyl! the foul looking slab looks also good though :-)