Monday, 3 March 2014


I was buying something, I forget what, from a European distro a while ago and wanted to round up the amount I was spending and this caught my eye.

Icepick - Quicksand

Truth be told I don't know a huge amount about Icepick (Jamey Jasta is in a band of the same name is he not?), I'd heard the name before and the cover caught my eye. I know they were from Holland and have long since split up but that's about it. This is decent enough stuff though and I enjoyed the two songs on offer well enough, it has a Bad Brains vibe in places. Their two releases I can find were five years apart so I'm thinking this was maybe a reunion release or something? Man, I have no idea. As their full length was seemingly only released on CD I doubt I'll listen to anything else.

This Green version of the record is out of 400. It was also released on Blue out of 100.


  1. Icepick started out in 2001 or 2002, somewhere in 2003 or maybe it was 2004 already their demo dropped, total Icemen/True Blue worship. Still love that release the most. Later in 2005 Goldrush dropped. They played a lot around 2003 till 2006, but played less and less in the years after. Around 2008 the demo recordings of Quicksand/Seasons Change were put online. After not playing a show in years they did a show in 2010 and it was announced as their last show, but apperently they are stil rehearsing and demo-ing songs from time to time.