Sunday, 23 March 2014

Converge - Live At Aunties

Converge are a weird band as far as collecting goes for me, I love them (as you've gathered) and yet I never feel the need to get multiple versions of a release.

Converge - Live At The BBC

As usual Converge deliver another good looking package here. Jacob Bannons artwork looks stunning with its glossy 'foil' type effect for want of a better and probably more apt description. Recorded in 2010 the band also sound great on these live records done for the BBC, with the different version of Hanging Moon being a real treat.

Despite being pressed on about six colours and most being more limited than this I was more than happy in this instance to just pick up the blue Kings Road Merch exclusive of 778 copies.

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  1. blue looks yummy. want some bubble gum ice cream...