Sunday, 8 December 2013

Into The Hellmouth

I'd been wanting a copy of Rise & Fall's debut LP for a while but I'd wanted to pick up a copy of the original press, for some reason I don't care for the cover on the version Deathwish put out a couple of years ago. It looks fine on screen but I've held it in my hands a couple of times and preferred to wait it out for an original copy. There's that record collector logic again.

Rise & Fall - Hellmouth

The black on black cover of this original press is far better. Unfortunately when it came through it has a fair bit of ring wear as you can see. What's wrong with people? Put your records in a plastic sleeve and stand the damn things up. Judging by the ring wear this has obviously been stacked with other things (probably not records) on top of it.

The covers quite hard to see in the first picture, this one gives a slightly better look at it. I picked this up on eBay really cheap so I'm not too fussed about the less than 100% perfect condition of the sleeve. The record it's self plays fine.

Rise & Fall are such a good band. I love all their records they are ridiculously consistent. I'm pleased to add this version to the collection. I believe this press of the record consisted of clear and black vinyl versions.


  1. Yes indeed! Black and clear vinyl exist but also a test pressing! I don't know if I'd prefer this original above the reissue...The warm color of the reissue tempt me to like it more. Also heavier sleeve and vinyl. Although the original is much harder to find... As you can read, I'm still not out of it... hehe

  2. I know Willem there's just something about that repress sleeve that doesn't do it for me. I have no idea what. Although now I've got this one I'll probably now pick one up haha