Saturday, 25 August 2012


When I started to get back into vinyl last year Turnstile - Pressure To Succeed was the record I bought that kinda triggered it. It wasn't just buying this record of course, I mean I'd been looking at vinyl again and thinking about buying them again but it was this release that I bought first because I'd downloaded it previously and loved it. I saw the blue vinyl first pressing one day and just thought 'yeah, I'm having that'.

One day a couple of weeks ago I looked at the Reaper Records webstore out of boredom as much as anything, when I noticed at the side of the page under top sellers 'Turnstile - Pressure To Succeed 7" Limited Cover 2nd Press'. Limited Cover? I'd only just bought the standard second press, what was all this about? Turns out Reaper ran out of covers, I presume for the last 132 copies of the second press (as that's how many of these there are), and pressed up the above green version of the sleeve.

This version just has a photocopied one side inner unlike the normal pressings. Here's a pic of the three pressings together. Would look a whole lot better if I had the pre-order cover version too.

Oh and props to Reaper for the speedy delivery they always manage. Considering I'm still waiting for a couple of things from U.S labels that were ordered months ago I really appreciate how quickly they get their stuff to me.


  1. Just got this in, now I need to track down a blue copy!

  2. Yeah it wouldn't look right without one