Saturday, 4 August 2012

London Calling

I'm up early (kids) and was watching some Olympic highlights. I have a staggering 25 channels of the games to choose from at the moment.  The title track from this album is used pretty heavily at the moment in conjunction (pretty strange as it's not exactly celebrating London) and as it played on the TV my eyes flicked to my records. As I picked this up reasonably recently and my last post was of a more punk rock nature I figured I'd feature it.

It doesn't really need an introduction but it's London Calling - The Clash -

I love this album, I always have and picked it up at a record fair a few months ago. Record Fairs in general I find are pretty poor for the kind of stuff I like but they are OK for picking up 'classics' at a decent price. There is a Fair maybe every 3 or 4 months about 5 minutes from my house so when it's on I always go on the off chance I'll find something decent...what else am I gonna do on a Sunday morning? It's where I tend to pick up older punk and metal stuff that I don't really feature on this 'ere blog but that I want on vinyl.

You can definitely tell vinyl has had a resurgence over the last few years, when I went to the fair let's say 3 years ago it was pretty sparse but the last occasion I went there was a queue maybe 75 deep to get in at opening. I wasn't particularly looking for this LP nor in any real hurry to add it to my collection. But the fact it was on red vinyl pretty much sold it's self to me as soon as I saw it. The one good thing about record fairs is you can haggle a bit and I managed to get £7 knocked off the price, so I was pretty happy.

You can't see in the photo really but the vinyl is a nice looking red with a slight marble.
'Rudie Can't Fail' is my favourite track on this. It's one of my favourite non hardcore songs of all time.

Normal service will resume next time I'm sure.


  1. One of my all time favorite records. Really cool on red vinyl, do you know the pressing info on this? I have a really old (i'm assuming original or early pressing) that I have that is super tore up, the old owner drew all over the back of the jacket! I was in las vegas recently and my girl was dragging me around the mall there, I saw a new repress of this at "urban outfitters" for $5 on sale, so I had to scoop that one too. Favorite track = "lost in the supermarket", so disco haha.

  2. I have no idea of the pressing info, I should find out really. My copy of 'The Clash' debut is really beat up, it was my dads and quite frankly he's treated it like shit haha. For this reason though I have no desire to upgrade it.