Monday, 6 August 2012


Seems me and Mario had the exact same idea recently, I'd say 'great minds think alike' but that would probably be an insult to Mario.

I decided that I needed some Insted vinyl, 'Bonds Of Friendship' has thus far eluded me but I did pick up these last week.

A first pressing of 'We'll Make a Difference' on black vinyl. I really like the colours and layout of this, it's simple but it just works!

And I also got a copy of 'What We Believe' dirt cheap off the Bay! I have no idea if any other colours of vinyl were issued but mines just a black vinyl version.

Try not to be too distracted by me taking the that photos awful. Does anyone know if this originally came with an insert? Feels like it should have one but there's not one with this.

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  1. Oh man what a coincidence!!! I want to get my hands on this LP and more insted stuff for sure. I've been sleeping on it for too long!