Sunday, 24 May 2015

Get A Spirit

This dropped through the mailbox the other day and once again I scratch my head as to why Speedowax Records aren't the biggest record label in the hardcore and heavy music world.

Get A Grip/Spirits - S/T

So as they are billed first let's start with the Get A Grip side of this 7" release. Yes, yes and yes!!! That's all I can say really, fast frantic short blasts of hardcore just how I like it. One of the bands listed in their description on the Speedowax site was Outbreak and I can definately hear that. This whizzed by in what seemed like seconds and I was absolutely left wanting more.

I'd been wanting to hear Spirits for a while as they have been creating a bit of a buzz and have featured on a few blogs I read with strong praise. When the first track hits I can definately see why, melodic hardcore with the right mix of singing and shouting, very good indeed. The following tracks I'm not quite as enamored with though, the second track was fairly bog standard stuff and the third track a moody sung affair just doesn't do it for me. I have a sneaky feeling these tracks might have come from when the band were finding their sound and the later stuff is more in keeping with the first track or maybe the tracks make more sense in context of a LP or live show but for me it kinda sounded like three different bands. If the rest of their stuff is like the first track though then I'm definately in.

This record is on 'Skittles' vinyl out of 125. There's also another 125 on 'honey' vinyl.



  2. Thanks for the the review Spirits recorded those tunes within three weeks of Speedowax asking us to share the split they are redone tracks from the Test of time cassette

  3. The first track is banging. I could kinda tell they had been put together some what. On a longer LP I think the mix of styles would have worked better