Monday, 11 June 2012

Give Error?

Just a quick one.

With my laptop once again playing up i'm having to post using my IPhone, as I was looking at the photos on the phone I saw a couple of pics of the Give Flowerhead 7" that i'd sent to Sean at Youngblood Records. I'd sent them as both sides of my version had the same label (Kiss The Flame) on each side. Sean was pretty interested in them as he wasn't aware of this mistake and said he hadn't seen any others like this. He even mailed me again a few days later to say he'd looked at the rest of the stock he had and hadn't any others like this either.

You can tell they are different sides as one has a little ink spot on it.

Any body else have this error?

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  1. Oh damn, did you get your hands on the rarest version of the Flowerhead 7"? Pretty sweet!