Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Night Creeper

I really need to pay attention to Rise Above releases more or use social media or something, I always seem to be late to the table with this labels releases. One minute I hear Uncle Acid have a new record coming out and the next minute it's out and I've nearly missed the boat on getting a copy already.

Uncle Acid - The Night Creeper

By the time I got to the Rise Above store to pick this up there were only copies of the Solid Purple American version left as a colour option. 1,000 pressed with 35 available on the Rise Above store. In retrospect I could have possibly picked up a copy from an actual store but the other regular colour copies are out of 1,000 too so - meh!

The packaging of course looks great again like you'd expect for this band, it should really be a gatefold though I think, that's my only gripe. The rest of the look of this carries on the feel created for the last two LP's nicely. Now, I need to listen to this more granted, but I'm not as excited by this release as I was the first LP, it's good and the spins I've had I've enjoyed but there just seems to be something missing, there was a real uniqueness and energy to that first LP that I don't think they've found again yet.


  1. been into rise above's back catalogue for electric wizard lately. this looks interesting, too. might check them out.