Saturday, 31 October 2015

Boring Life

Far are one of my favourite bands ever. Unfortunately they don't have a huge amount of records to collect and what they do have doesn't come up all that often - or maybe it's a good thing, I dunno.
Anyway, I picked up only the second 7" release I have from the band recently.

Far - Boring Life/I'm In The Aisle Yelling

I actually found this for a really good price and jumped at the chance to own it. It's made me want to put more of an effort into collecting their other releases. At least one of their 7"s though I've never even seen for sale so that could be tricky.

It's just on black vinyl as they all were for this release. It's kinda cool that it still has the little mail away slip in it though. These tracks would later appear on the Tin Cans With Strings To You LP.

Far/Incubus - Split

I figured I might as well dig out the only other 7" release I have from Far, this split release with Incubus. Far contribute Mother Mary to the release here. I say release, I'm not entirely sure this was ever actually for sale in stores or anything, I bought it years ago when I saw Far supporting Incubus at Rock City in Nottingham and think it was more of a promo. I'd gone to see Far in particular and I thought they were fantastic with Jonah later joining Incubus on stage for a rendition of Anti-gravity Love Song I believe it was. Considering this was maybe '97 it's surprising it was even given a vinyl press.

Let's see if I can find copies of the three (I think) vinyl releases from Far I don't have.


  1. Man, these are awesome. I've always wanted to own these but never really got around to it. What are the other three you need?

  2. There's another split with incubus that I presume is a promo type deal too from an American tour, the pony 7", and the Far does Madonna 7" that I've never seen for sale or a physical copy