Sunday, 18 May 2014

Winds Of Change

I've had this for what seems like months now, so it feels a bit odd that I'm only just getting round to post it up here.

Winds Of Change - A Hardcore Compilation

Compilations are a tradition in hardcore music and once upon a time served a brilliant purpose of exposing us to new bands pre-internet. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't as a listening experience. Whilst that purpose is not so important now a quality compilation with exclusive tracks is still a wonderful thing, especially when it's put together as well as this one from React! Records.

Sometimes on these compilations you get the odd clunker track, but not so here, all six bands on show bring their A game to the table and there isn't a duff track to be had. I'd really only heard Enough and Wrong Idea previously but Violence To Fade especially really impress me with their effort here.

Worth a big mention here also is how this thing looks. The inlay consists of interchangeable sleeves so you can put your favourite of the bands as the cover should you wish. Set against the red obi style strip keeping it all together it looks great and feels like you are holding something substantial. I picked up the 'Smoke' version of the record limited to 150.

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  1. I ordered this forever ago and React still hasn't sent it to me or responded to emails. I've lost all hope on ever getting this haha.