Sunday, 15 September 2013

Truly A Clear Head

Well, this isn't the usual sort of release I'd expect from Youngblood Records. True Head play a kind of grungy / early 90's college rock, you know the style - melodic without being catchy or having big chorus' - that kinda thing.

True Head - S/T E.P

In fact this record feels like this years Gypsy - Giants Despair for me, in that it's taken a couple of listens to really get to grips with this release and I suppose musically it's not a million miles away really, but now I'm on board it's getting some heavy rotation. If your into Jawbox, Jawbreaker and Quicksand and some of those 90's Rev bands that weren't hardcore per say, this will be right up your street.

After consulting other blogs I've found out that this clear vinyl version is of 150 copies with a further 100 being on pink vinyl and 200 on black vinyl.

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