Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Endless Sale

Recently I found myself a little flusher than normal (as will become obvious in one of my next posts), so when Marcus over at The Endless Quest announced he was selling some records, I couldn't help but take a look. Sure enough Marcus had a couple of things I wanted, so after giving me a stern telling off like the grumpy old man he is for daring to ask how much he wanted rather than make him an offer, we hit upon a fair price and made the exchange.

Converge - Petitioning Forever

Always keen to add to my Converge collection I was really pleased to be able to score this 2005 double LP set of two of the bands earlier albums Petitioning The Empty Sky and Forever Comes Crashing. Jane Doe like the majority of people is my favourite Converge material but this stuff especially Forever Comes Crashing is definitely next for me. This is the first press on clear gold of 500 and includes a bonus 7".

Marcus also had another record I'd been looking for Comeback Kid - Wake The Dead. I have a real soft spot for this record as it was one of the records that was always on the play list when me and some friends played poker a lot a few years ago and I guess I associate it with good times. Not to mention big wins!!! Boom!

The title track especially is superb but I hadn't heard the whole thing for a while and listening to it again I remembered that I like this record a lot, super catchy stuff. This is the blue first press version of 944 copies. Good to finally have this on vinyl.

27 - Holding On For Brighter Days

Last year I wrote about this record that Marcus released on his own label and how much I love it (here). This record still gets a lot of play in my house, so it seemed rude not to pick up the Green (with glitter) version of 105 when Marcus offered me it for cheap.

I don't know why I didn't buy this rarer version first time round actually, maybe at the time I thought the Amber (with glitter) version looked better? I dunno, but I'm pleased to add this second copy to my collection anyway. Really great record.

Being a gent Marcus also asked me if there was a Endless Quest Records release I didn't have that I wanted him to throw in for free. Well, I didn't have Search and Destroy - English Terror Boys so was more than happy for him to chuck it in as well.

As a freebie Marcus could have just chucked in a black vinyl version but he was good enough to send me a red vinyl version of 117 pressed which was much appreciated. Nice one Marcus!

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