Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Forced Hand

I've written about The River Card on here before, they are a much overlooked UKHC band from Stoke. So overlooked that I didn't know they had a new release out until I randomly checked their big cartel out a while back.

The River Card - Forced Hand

This is the bands third EP I believe and follows on from the full length they released a couple of years ago nicely. Each new release sees The River Card get better in my eyes and this 7" is probably their strongest collection of songs yet.

I picked up the clear and white versions of the record, both out of 200. There was a baby blue version out of 100 too but I missed the boat. Staggeringly the band are selling these for £2 a pop and both of these versions are still available at their big cartel site. Check them out!!


  1. i didn't know they had a new release out, either. farewell records is a german label, i believe. got to check it out!

  2. You're right Tino - in act the label big cartel has the more limited vinyl colour