Thursday, 10 September 2015

No Fighting In The Pit

Sometimes I question my parenting skills, being somewhat childish myself I wonder if my approach is the best way forward for the two rugrats I've managed to breed. Then I throw a record on the turntable and the kids come into 'slam dance' but not before the eldest ones reminded the little one that 'there's no fighting in the pit' and I think maybe I'm doing ok. That's what happened when I gave this one a spin the other day. Anyway...

Turmoil - Anchor

Turmoil have come back into people's conscience recently and I must admit I've  given 'The Process Of...' a fair few spins recently myself. So when I saw this on discogs for a couple of quid recently when picking up something else from the seller I couldn't resist adding this to the cart too.

This 7" release 'Anchor' came out a couple of years before the LP and it's a total ripper from start to finish. I love this brand of 90's metal-core before the sound and genre took a distinct nose dive when we hit the millenium. This is the white vinyl version which I presume is more limited than the black version.

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  1. funnily i listened to a lot turmoil stuff myself recently. i have this 7" too. real good one.
    when your kids want to slam dance and know the code of behaviour in the pit, you did something ultimately right, haha.