Thursday, 27 August 2015

Lunch Break Records

So yesterday I had a bit of time between meetings on my lunch break and decided to visit Nottinghams three record shops to see if I could find anything. The first was a total bust - what is it with record shops these days I mean who's actually buying records now? Whilst there is definately a revival in the number of stores they all seem to be peddling the same Beatles reissues and Lana Del Rey records at varying prices. In fact prices is an odd one, all three record stores I visited yesterday had one record in particular priced at £18, £24 and £32 across the three stores. Very strange. Yet the most expensive store had some records cheaper than the other two. Anyway I digress...

Mutoid Man - Bleeder

So into the second store and this one snuck up on me, I really liked the first Mutoid Man record but had no idea there was a follow up doing the rounds. It said 'last copy' too so I quickly snatched it up thankful I'd found a record I actually wanted.

Once again the record sports great trippy colourful artwork and this is the red vinyl version. I've only had a couple of listens but this album is good too, it's slightly different to the first record, a bit cleaner and less 'stoner' rock but still good.

Code Orange - I Am King

It's taken me ages to pick a copy of this record up, I don't know why as I loved the first full length- you know back when they were kids - but it was worth the wait as I got it for a measly £10.

This green marble vinyl whilst probably very common looks great with the rest of the packaging too so I'm not complaining.

On to store three and I was less than hopeful of finding anything other than Mumford and Sons records and copies of AC/DC's more popular work but surprisingly I did buy three records.

Ajax - S/T

I'd heard the name of NY punks Ajax being banded around for the last year or so and made a mental note to have a listen at some point. Low and behold in a VERY small 7" section marked U.S Hardcore/Punk I found a copy of their 7" release.

It's gruff, raw punk on offer here but I can see why the name had reached my ears as I really enjoyed this record. Good stuff indeed.

Rage Against The Machine - S/T

Doesn't really need an introduction does it? I ventured over to the metal section and it was as cheap as I've ever seen the record so I decided to add it to my record collection. 

No thrills black vinyl reissue

Earth Crisis - Salvation Of Innocents

Okay, bear with me on this one. Still flicking through the metal section I noticed a familiar old name - Earth Crisis - I looked at the cover and thought 'Jesus that's terrible' and was about to put it back when something else caught my eye, the price tag!! It read £3.99! Now , don't get me wrong I haven't cared about Earth Crisis for years, decades maybe, but when I can buy a year old record for less than lunch, fuck it I'll take a chance.

I presume this had been hanging around for the past year with no takers hence the price drop.180grm blue vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. To be honest it kinda sounds how you'd expect Earth Crisis to sound now, but it's not that bad, more than listenable  and for that price I'll throw it on my shelf.

And that folks is how I spent my lunch break yesterday.


  1. that code orange record is a rager and yes, it looks great on that green marble. there is nothing to be ashamed of liking the latest earth crisis record, mate! it's pretty good in my book. admittedly the cover is horrible.

  2. I need that Rage Against The Machine some day! So many good memories on that one.