Monday, 23 March 2015

Leeds Hardcore

It's all about the UK in hardcore at the minute and it's good to see another band from Leeds getting some love on both sides of the pond.

Shrapnel - Frenzied State

Quality Control Records do some brilliant layouts to go with their stellar releases and this is no different here. 320grm matte sleeve with a hole at one side and a big insert. Sweet!!!

This is the white vinyl version out of 200.

In the U.S, Triple B Records handled the release. 

Sleeve and layout wise it's a bit overshadowed by the UK labels effort but it's still quality non the less.

Only managed to get the black vinyl release of this, truth be told I was just gonna make do with the UK press but Quality Control got some of these in too so I struck whilst I could. Quality Breakdown inspired UKHC!!

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