Sunday, 14 December 2014

Raw Justice

Another post, don't get too excited this renewed vigour will probably be cast aside by mundane stuff like work, but for now here's another record off the MASSIVE stack.

Raw Justice - Artificial Peace

Straight & Alert Records are another company out there at the moment that I know will deliver the goods with every release and this is no different. Raw Justice are from France and play some fast old school hardcore in that Boston style. Their good at it too, this is the first release I've heard from them but I'm keen now to go back and check out the older releases.

I opted for the 'Bathory Cover' version of the release for reasons I can't remember but it seemed a good idea at the time I'm sure. As you can see it's out of 100 and hand numbered. There's a 'band pic' cover version of 100 too as well as the standard cover version of 326. All versions come on black vinyl.

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