Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lost In Life And Death

I was super stoked to pick this up recently, in fact it killed two birds with one stone not only the best looking press of the record but also a limited tour version too.

Backtrack - Lost In Life & Death

So yes here we have a tour version of Backtracks Lost In Life record. Cleverly titled here 'Lost In Life & Death' as its from the 2014 Life & Death tour.

Numbered 7 out of 125 the cover is just a wrap around of the existing record sleeve but being out of only 125 it's a great pick up.

I also think this third press colour of Purple and Black mix is the best looking press of the record too and a version of been meaning to get me hands on so that's pretty cool too.


  1. Not bad at all! Early numbers always honor a record. Anyway I've been considering picking this up also, but then I need to respect boundaries. The neon yellow with baby blue (which actually gives that green effect) is my favorite color.

  2. colour way looks ace! did you get it on a show or buy it on the net?

  3. I agree, love the black and purple. Great record