Saturday, 9 November 2013

Down With The Quickness

I almost forgot I'd picked this record up a couple of months ago and whilst the record it's self is nothing special the band and music certainly are.

Bad Brains - Quickness

Another addition to my Bad Brains vinyl collection comes in the shape of the bands 1989 record 'Quickness'. This is the record where the bands fan base starts to splinter, three years after the awesome 'I against I' Bad Brains returned as a very different proposition, gone really are most of the hints of there previous hardcore sound and in it's place comes ragga-metal.

Whilst the bands first three records are definitely the highlights of their long career, I've always liked this record. It's still massively influential and would be the blueprint for where bands like Dub War would get their sound. Musically there's riffs and guitar work on this record that bands are still apeing today. Soulcraft especially is still a wonderful and infectious song that sounds like it was from the 2000's rather than the 1980's.

The record here is an original press on Black vinyl. I presume this is a European pressing of the record. The vinyl it's self is ridiculously flimsy and has that 80's mass produced feel to it. I'm definitely pleased to have this record in  my collection again though.


  1. Ragga-metal, new term I've not heard before, will have to check it out... Although I hope that's not reggae influenced nu-metal, because that is what it sounds like purely based on the terms.

  2. Whilst this isn't nu-metal there's definitely riffs here that would rear there heads in that most foul of genres

  3. Despite the posed cover it still has something to it indeed Jake. Maybe it's their hair that is so wild that even when they pose for pictures they appear spontaneous... I'm kidding in the last sentence.

  4. Great pickup! This album (well, cassette tape) never left my car in 1989-1990! Well done.